18 Jun

Week 4 – Shore Leave

Given the weather conditions experienced when we were heading back to Stoke we were not as sorry as we might

11 Jun

Week 3 – Caldon Canal

Day 15 – A Day Out In Leek Wednesday was a greyish day but largely dry. As we had decided

04 Jun

Here we go again . . . Just can’t wait any longer!

Just Getting Started We were blown out on our next snagging visit from Aintree Boats, scheduled for 15th May. Apparently,

10 Feb

Wet & Windy Whilton – End of a Chapter

With a new boat on the horizon and a need to decide where to put her in the water, as

28 Oct

Week 16 – The End Of (100) Days

  We had thought the best of the weather was behind us but we may have called time too early.

21 Oct

Week 15 – A High Wind In Warwickshire

Looking back I think we can say the weather finally turned on Friday. The day started grey and damp with

13 Oct

Week 14 – Long Itch to Liverpool (and back)

Friday was the big day for the “Home Demo” but not until two o’clock. A nice day again, if not

06 Oct

Week 13 – Back to the Grind

Returning from holiday to the daily routine is always a little sad but when you don’t really have a daily

30 Sep

Week 12 – Escape to Lympstone

We have stayed at a particular cottage in Lympstone a couple of times before. It sets right at the end

22 Sep

Week 11 – Aynho to Cropredy

Waking on Thursday morning, 13th September, it felt like we had had the coldest night since the summer, with plenty